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VSI Media

You've just finished your project.  You've got it all set and put to DVD.  But now you need to get it out.  Whether you want to make five copies for your friends or 150,000 copies to get your work to the masses, we'll deliver for you.

Or perhaps you have content, but you need to put it on a DVD.  That's where our DVD authors can help you out.  We'll help you create menus, graphics, and anything else you want to put on your DVD.  We've been trusted and delivered on high profile projects like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and several years of the U.S. Open Golf Championships, to name a few.

We can also create artwork for your discs and cases to finish off your project.   

Authoring Services
Interactive CD-ROM, DVD & BluRay Authoring
Menu Creation & Navigation Design
Multi-Language Authoring & Subtitling
Closed Captioning for Disc & Web Streaming
Looping Tradeshow or Kiosk Discs
DVD File Extraction and Demultiplexing
MPEG-2 & MPEG-4(AVC) Encoding
Replication & Duplication Services
CD/DVD & BluRay Disc Replication
BluRay BD-25/BD-50 & DVD-5/DVD-9 Replication
BurnTurn™ Rapid-Turn CD/DVD & BD Duplication
CD/DVD & BluRay Disc Duplication (Burning)
Offset or Silk-Screen Printed Blank Disks
Business Card, Shaped, Bulk Disc Production
Design & Printing Services
Print Design & Pre-Press Services
Magazine Quality Digital Offset Printing
5-Color Silk-Screen Printing
CD Jewel-Box Tray Cards & Multi-Page Booklets
DVD/BluRay Album Case Inserts & Booklets
Disc Wallets, Boxed Sets & DigiPaks
ImageLok™ Water Proof CD-R & DVD-R's
UV Matte/Gloss Effects & Coatings
Metallic Emboss & Custom Die Cuts
Packaging & Fulfillment
Single, Multi-Disc Albums & Jewel Cases
Slim, Single, & Multi-Disc Jewel Cases
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Single & Multi-Disc DVD Album Cases
Specialty and Boxed-Set Packaging
Shrinkwrapping and Overwrapping
Collateral Material Collation and Assembly
Multipoint Global Fulfillment
Anti-Piracy & Asset Control
Macrovision DVD RipGuard™ Pre-Processing
BluRay AACS Access Control & Content Encryption
DVD Regional-Zoning & CSS Encryption
Hexlock 128-Bit DVD Encryption
UPC Barcode Assignment
Utilize Licensed Recordable Media (Burning)
Fully Licensed Disc Manufacturing
MPEG-LA, Phillips, Etc